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This burger is not only vegan, but with 350kcal it is ready to be eaten 2- whatever times. The day before yesterday I found a "Black Beans Beetroot" burger patty in the supermarket during a shopping tour and took it as inspiration to build my own vegan burger. Although I have always been bad at math, I managed to decipher the ingredients list of the burger I bought and build my own burger by using a rule of three. The Blackbeans Beetroot Burger was made up of 33% black beans, 33% chickpeas, 20% cooked beetroot and 14% other stuff:

That's where the idea came from to use those ingredients to build my own burger. I used the following:

Ingredients for 6 patties:

1 can of black beans. 1 tin of chick peas 1/2 can of cooked beetroot 100g cooked rice 40g tablespoons of wholemeal flour (3 tablespoons in the burger dough and 3-4 tablespoons on the work surface. 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil 1/2 can of strained tomatoes for the sauce


Cut onions into cubes and fry briefly. Black beans and chickpeas together with pepper, salt, cayenne pepper, 2 tbsp. flour. Put 100g of cooked rice (you can take the ready cooked rice to save time), 1/2 glass (approx. 150g) of beetroot in a bowl and stir with a mixer for 1 minute to a homogeneous paste. Then form about 6 patties with the help of some flour. These should also be fried hot in vegetable fat. The strained tomatoes are stirred together with cayenne pepper, black pepper and salt and used as a sauce when serving. In my recommendation I used very thin light wholemeal bread, which had only 120kcal per 2 thin slices. For 6 burgers I used a total of 1 whole onion, 1 tomato, a few lettuce leaves, 1 avocado, 12 thin slices of bread and some tomato sauce. So you get the following macronutrient distribution on 6 whole burgers: Kcal: 2100 Protein: 65g Carbs: 321g dietary fibre: 77g fat: 61g Per burger: 350 kcal 10,8g protein 53g Carbs 12,8g dietary fibre 10,17g fat

Take Home Message:

This burger shines with a high fiber and a moderate protein content. With 350kcal the burger is perfect for any diet.

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