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Some minutes ago I talked to a friend of mine about this topic earlier. She is also studying in the faculty of health and nutritional sciences and is very passionate about it. As English is her mother tongue and she has the expertise, she helps me with the translations of my texts from German into English. At the beginning of the discussion, she said that my blog is great and has also been thinking about starting her own blog for years, but doesn't do it because she is afraid, but doesn't know why she is afraid. I have answered her this: I had the same problem and I thought about starting my own blog for 5 years and I didn't dare to do it. It also took me 5 years to motivate myself to tackle this big trip to Asia/Australia, because several things, but mainly social norms, held me back in Germany. I was also afraid somewhere to tackle this trip, because it might not turn out the way I imagined it and I still won't reach my goals. What a bullshit. Fear does not exist in the real world, it only exists in your head! Where does your fear come from to start your own blog? You have identified yourself so much with your "nutrition expert" role (or whatever your ego tells you what and who you are) that you are afraid to lose this identity. Our ego is a very powerful instrument that plays our beliefs over and over again into our heads. The problem is that there is no "normal" and no reality in the sense that everyone has their own reality and looks at the world in their own subjective way. Traveling definitely took away my fear of many things and showed me some things: -fear exists only in my head and is not real... - It seldom turns out the way you expect it to and that's perfectly fine - Nobody cares about my shit and if I "fail", still nobody cares about my shit, so nothing changes -The only one who truly cares about them is your Inner Circle and they will love you either way It's also easier to dream about something and keep the possibility of the dream instead of flying on your face and realizing that you're not as good as you thought you were, because then your artificially constructed identity could break. On the other hand: Maybe you can really create something that gives people added value and they thank you for it and you have been able to give someone a new perspective on a certain topic. Maybe you manage to reach a lot of people with your shit and you manage to move something positive in their lives. If not, you probably invested some time and "failed". But you also learned a lot and wasted less time consuming other people's content. You would anyway only consume other people's content in the time you could create content yourself. I read a sentence in a book two weeks ago that said: The moment you consume other people's content, you create nothing, because you are just a consumer". It kind of clicked for me, because I've been waiting for months for that moment, for something to fall from the sky that would give me motivation back.Of course it's nice to be on beautiful beaches and go to parties all the time, but if you're someone who's looking for a purpose in your life, you also feel that you're wasting your time and there's emptiness. Besides, no one cares if you have a new dress or if you are already on a nice beach again. In this night I wrote down a lot of ideas and in the next 2 days I put up my complete page. Sure there are people who enjoy just chilling and doing nothing for years and that is totally ok and I envy it somewhere. But if you are also a motivated person who is looking for a purpose, I can tell you that there is nothing better than getting up every day and knowing exactly why you are getting up and what you have to do to take a little step in the right direction. I hope I could help you to reflect a few things and question your beliefs :)

Is today your day or is it tomorrow, again?

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